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How To Wear a Scarf with Style

The scarf is a really fun, versatile accessory.

Tie a scarf around your wrist as an alternative to a bracelet

Cute Top-Knot/Bun

Put your hair in a bun or top-knot, and simply tie a silk scarf in a knot around the bun- alternatively take the scarf under your hair and tie in a bow on top of your head for a retro look. This style has been popular with celebrities such as Beyoncé (check out her 'Why Don't You Love Me' music video), Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

Accessorise your handbag...

A twist on the usual keychains or handbag charms, tying a scarf onto the handles of your bag will make your bag stand out from the crowd.

Slung Over the Shoulder

Wearing your scarf as a belt, a la Mollie King is the latest way to wear your scarf. Brighten up a classic pair of black or blue jeans with a bright printed scarf.

Styling your scarf as a hairband creates a really soft, feminine look, and much comfier than a solid alice-band.

Our last look is taken from style icon Audrey Hepburn- the headscarf. Perfect for long drives in a convertible with the roof down, the headscarf is a glamourous way to ensure that your hair stays perfectly in place on a windy day.

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