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Fearne Cotton wears Aspinal of London

Fearne Cotton impresses us every day with her rock chick style and her eclectic mix of designer and high street so we have been thrilled to see her arm in arm with our iconic Marylebone tote over the past few weeks.

Take a leaf out of Fearne's style book and wear with an on-trend camel coat and black boots to make a stylish simple day outfit. To smarten up a more casual outfit, wear your tote with denim - the structure of the bag will add that little smarter touch you are looking for. If you are looking for ways to wear your Marylebone tote - we've already got that covered!


Here are the six big fashion rules Fearne Cotton lives by:

(via Marie Claire)

1. Always dress up.

'I love dressing up for stuff that you don't need to dress up for. Whether I'm going to the shops, chatting on the radio or meeting a friend for coffee, I'll wear stilettos, red lipstick, hair bows, whatever, because it's fun to make everyday fashion more over the top than it needs to be. It's an excuse to go a bit mad.'

2. If in doubt, wear a jumpsuit.

'I'll pick a jumpsuit, always a jumpsuit. If I'm not feeling very confident, it makes me feel a bit powerful. I think you can sometimes feel a bit vulnerable in a dress but a jumpsuit makes me feel like I've arrived.'

3. Dress like a pirate.

'I like having that security blanket of layers - it looks nice. It's got that kind of Johnny Depp look - a pirate vibe. That's my thing. Dress like Johnny Depp and the world is good, I say.'

4. Match everything.

'Match the hell of out everything. I love pairing trousers with a matching top, like a floral print shirt and jeans, and then a clashing leopard print shoe. For Celebrity Juice, I've asked for clothes that match for the whole series - that's their challenge.'

5. Embrace winter style.

'I think autumn is so much easier to dress - I go into it with joy and glee. I find the summer wardrobe so difficult to dress but in autumn you've got hats, jackets, thigh-high boots, jeans and coats. So I try to creep into my autumn wardrobe a little early.'

6. Dress for the best bits of your body.

'We've all got bits of our body that we don't like so when I'm designing I think there's got to be a dress that's a maxi, a long-sleeved, a pinched waist for tiny waists, or one for people who have great legs but don't like their waist.'


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