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Christmas Day - Dress up or Down?

Don't Panic - Christmas Day is tomorrow. Yes, it has crept up on us at an alarming rate, but there is no need to worry. Everyone feels the same about Christmas, we love presents and we love seeing our family, but we also hate presents and don't really like seeing the family - it's totally normal. Yesterday in Aspinal HQ we were debating Christmas etiquette and more importantly, what to wear when the big day arrives. Are you still proudly wearing your pyjamas during the Doctor Who Christmas Special? Or teetering around balancing Buck's Fizz wearing improbably high heels?

We asked some of the Aspinal staff which camp they fall into - comfy-casuals or glamourous get-up? The choice is yours...

"I'm all about dressing up on Christmas Day. There is something brilliantly decadent about putting on your smartest shirt and shoes when you have no intention of actually leaving the house. The kids and my wife all make an effort too, it's a real family occasion."

Marco Claveria

Head of Graphic Design

"Christmas is casual in our household and we rarely get out of our pyjamas until it's time for Christmas dinner. Boxing Day however has always been a dressy occasion in my family. The extended family are over, there is champagne, fabulous food etc and so we dress accordingly. Personally I will be wearing some kind of sparkle with a pair of obscenely high heels that will be kicked off around the time the cheese course arrives. "

Abigail Lewis

Showroom Manager

"There are two stages to Christmas in my household. In the morning we all have breakfast in comfy Christmas jumpers before transforming for Christmas lunch. This year my family are coming to join my husband and I and we've strictly said that it's a glamourous occasion."

Claudia Child

Finance Controller

"I find one of the best things about Christmas is that I can spend all day in my (usually new) PJs. I have no intention of leaving the house so there's really no need to get dressed properly. This year I'm going for a thick flannel pair worn with a giant reindeer jumper, lets be honest, stretchy waistbands are essential for that festive roast dinner."

Hannah Dick


"My family is all about traditions and this Christmas is no exception. We start Chirstmas morning in fancy dress for a family bike ride - I'm talking elf outfits galore! After staggering home after a couple of hours we then get changed into our glad-rags. It's not too dressy but it's nicer than the usual day to day wear."

Sophie Porteous

Design Assistant

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