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Which Marylebone Handbag Suits You?

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The classic Marylebone Tote is luxuriously chic and sophisticated and seeks style but also practicality. She is always on trend and is a trusty companion at every occasion. The Marylebone Tote knows her style and keeps every girly essential safe and organized, she will never let you down!



The Marylebone Mini is the baby of the family. She boasts all the beauty of the classic Marylebone but she is dainty and adds a pop of colour and energy to every occasion. She is extremely girly and is the perfect companion for a fun night, never failing to draw everyone's attention!



The Marylebone Light is contemporary, chic and minimalist in style. She is slender and graceful and oozes a luxurious simplicity which never goes out of style. She is the perfect companion for all your day time social engagements and always seems to have every daily essential to hand. She has a discreet elegance in her manor and can always be spotted at the most fashionable occasions looking as cool calm and collected as ever!





The Marylebone Clutch is the fashionable sister of the group. She is lustrous and so stylish she is fit for the runway! She will be your best friend both during a day shopping and also when the evening sets in and you have numerous parties to attend. She doesn't need to carry much but a bright lippy is an essential as well her iPhone to make sure she is the first to hear about any last minute social events which might pop up, not to mention Instagram must be close to hand!



The Marylebone Tech is super intelligent and is the 21st Century business women around town who is always on the move. Despite her busy schedule she nonetheless never fails to looks fabulous! She is always on the lookout for the newest technological innovations to ensure she is right up-to-date and her iPhone is never left out of sight!



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