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What The Aspinal Team Are Doing For Halloween

A few members of the Aspinal Team take you through their Halloween plans...

Stuart, Head of Distribution, Logistics and Facilities

I will be taking my kids and their cousins (my nieces and nephews) out trick or treating in the local area. I like to try and dress to impress the adults who end up opening the door. Kids are all too unimpressed with Darth Vader or ghost costumes on grown ups these days so to hell with what they think. I'm thinking this year I might try to go as Dr Frank-n-Ferter from Rocky Horror or perhaps Nanny for Duckula...

My back up costume is that plant from the Little Shop of Horrors.

After 9pm I will be at home trying to forgot the whole sorry episode. Perhaps with bourbon.

Roxana, Head of New Product Development

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