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The world is embracing technology and many big brands are incorporating tech into stylish products realising that for tech to strive it has to be about the fashion first.


Let's take a step back in time to where it all began. Remember the ground breaking light up costumes from Tron in the 80's?! It's a sure fire bet that our current trend for high tech fashion is inspired by Tron in one way or another.

The Apple Watch

Apple came up with the smart watch which is effectively computer on your wrist. It's the most personal product they ever made, because it's the first one designed to be worn. This revolutionary watch empowers you to do things in some new, spontaneous way not possible with any other device.

Google Glasses

Google is offering us glasses that can take your computer display with you anywhere you go. Never miss a moment with the Glass! Go and take photos, find answers and fulfil your passions. These limited editions of Google's revolutionary smart eyewear designed by Diane von Furstenberg allow you to discover a new way to see the world now.

Nike +iPod

Technology has come a long way in fitness and a huge number of brands are now hop, skip, and jumping to get ahead. Iconic sportswear brand Nike released a pair of trainers that can be synchronised with your iPhone to allow you to track workouts in a dynamic and multifaceted way.

Marylebone Tech Tote

In 2013, Aspinal launched the first ever luxury Marylebone Tech Tote cleverly designed to carry an internal charger pack so that you can recharge all your gadgets on the go.

With the release of our SS15 Collection, we introduced our Medium Marylebone Tech Tote, a super practical midi size bag with optional cross body strap for the ultimate in covetable practicality.

We have a mantra that technology is luxury and luxury is technology, you cannot have one without the other. The Marylebone Tote is perfect as an everyday and working handbag that will walk you confidently in the modern fashion world.

Mount Street Tech Bag

Following the success of the tech tote for women, AW14 saw the launch of its male counterpart. The Small & Large Mount Street Tech is a perfect business bag that combines intelligence, usefulness, design and elegance. It is the perfect companion for your busy working day or a business trip.

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