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Orchid Festival 2016 at Kew Gardens

As it's the Year of the British Garden​, Aspinal are looking to our favourite gardens and events for inspiration. The Orchid Festival 2016 at Kew Gardens is one of the first events of the year that we won't be missing.

Let the winter blues melt away as you step inside the tropical paradise of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew's Princess of Wales Conservatory and admire it's transformation into a celebration of Brazil's magnificent plant life and fascinating habitats.

This year will see orchids and other tropical plants adorning the remarkable architecture of this steamy glasshouse, creating a sensory journey through the striking flora of Brazil during Carnival season.

Gently weave your way through a series of delicately suspended orchids before passing through a tunnel made up purely of lush tropical plants. Look up in awe at two enormous Rainforest Tree structures, proudly swathed in the riotous colours of Oncidiums and Bromeliads, showing off Brazil's magnificent plant life to the max. Travel from the Amazon rainforest to the desert of northeastern Brazil to encounter glowing hanging droplets clothed in Tillandsia hanging amongst Brazilian cacti.

Five explosive figures will take centre stage in the pond, alluding to the vibrant and flamboyant costumes of Brazilian carnival dancers. Household favourites such as Bromeliads and Phalaenopsis, as well as Brazilian hybrids such as Cambrias and Miltonias will make up this eye-catching display.

Enter into a celebration of carnival and colour exploring Brazil's biomes in depth, from the Pantanal Biome's seasonal flooding, a time when the ecosystem bursts into life and explodes with colour, to the Cerrado Biome's spectacular plants, some of which have adapted to withstand fire.

Elisa Biondi, Display Horticulturalist says, "This year the pond display will be a true explosion of colour - a real carnival. What we want to do is capture the essence of Brazil, to take visitors on a journey through the biomes of this incredible country, all the while showing the range of conservation and science work that Kew is doing with South America."

Step out of the English winter into the Brazilian wilderness and discover the work of adventurous Victorian plant hunters who journeyed Brazil to expand our knowledge of its miraculous plant life. The wild splendour of these South American plants and the diversity of Brazil will come alive in this dramatic display, giving visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the pivotal work of Kew Gardens to collect, record and conserve such a breath-taking range of tropical plants.

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