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Natalie Lungley

Natalie Lungley is a name not known by many, but as she has been quietly amassing 5 million views on her YouTube channel we expect it will not remain that way for long. Her avid subscribers have been built up from a selection of covers performed by her and her brother Matt. Natalie's fans have long clamoured for some original tracks and now with the single "Candles" she is finally able to deliver, a song destined to enchant both new listeners and her long time followers

Written by Natalie and produced by her brother Matt 'Candles', is a shadowy tale inspired by a birthday party that went very, very wrong. It's a first introduction to a collection of songs from Natalie that are full of emotional intensity, as she writes of situations and relationships that have become entangled with complex passions and unpredictable outcomes. The track is accompanied by a simple yet beautiful video that perfectly captures Natalie's raw talent.

People who have encountered that shy, but radiant, smile of hers, or heard the array of beguiling cover versions on YouTube may at first be surprised at the tone and nature of some of her new songs. Yet when you look through some of the covers she's interpreted previously such as Elliott Smith and Deftones it shows how she's not afraid to delve into the darker and more vulnerable sides of song writing.

However hard and conscientiously you work to develop your craft, revealing new songs to the world is always going to be a nerve-racking time for an introspective artist like Natalie. These songs, dark, light and all hues in between, are very special to her . While she is inviting comparisons such as 'Mazzy Star meets Massive Attack', and being spoken of as the next great YouTube star in waiting we suspect however she won't be able to keep her abilities to herself for too long.

Whatever route may lay in store for this blossoming artist you can be sure that "Candles" is a sign of a very bright future.

Check her voice out for yourselves on her YouTube Channel. Let us know what you think or her new single Candles which you can now purchase via iTunes or Amazon

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