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How to look after Nubuck Leather from Aspinal of London

Some of our most iconic handbags are handmade in the finest soft and Italian calf leather that has been buffed/sanded to create a velvety texture. Like all leathers, they need care and attention after a little wear and tear. Nubuck leather doesn't have such a protective coating as others so need that little bit of TLC even more so.

  1. You should be looking to applying a protective coating to your nubuck leather every 6 months for optimum protection. This will help to shield your bag from water and stains.
  2. In circumstances such as rain where your bag becomes damp, leave to dry naturally and brush once the water has fully evaporated.
  3. Purchasing a nubuck cloth or brush is vital in order to keep your nubuck leather looking its best. These items will help buff dirt or stains away, and will help keep the fabric in its original, soft condition for as long as possible.

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