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London Craft Week '15

As London Craft Week '15 approaches, Aspinal look at the importance of craftsmenship and the talents that are shown through Aspinal products.

About London Craft Week '15

London Craft Week is a new annual event which showcases exceptional craftsmanship through a journey-of-discovery programme featuring hidden workshops, celebrated makers, other lesser known makers and highly specialised skills alongside famous shops, galleries and luxury brands.

Founded on the ethos of making, London Craft Week aims to introduce the talent, people and techniques behind beautifully made things to a wider audience. They will be able to experience craft not just as static branded objects in smart shops but understand the context of how they were made, why they are special and even have a try themselves.

(words courtesy of London Craft Week)

"London has long had a Fashion Week and a Design Festival. From 2015, it will have the equivalent for the craft sector: London Craft Week. Featuring the artistic flair, painstaking skills and raw talent of exceptional craftsmanship and, as a result, attracting an ever-increasing quality and volume of collectors and customers."

Guy Salter, Chairman of London Craft Week

Aspinal Craftmenship

Here at Aspinal we love to champion traditional English craftsmanship and materials. Our Made in England Collection is our first bag collection to be entirely handmade in the UK. The 'Made In England' factory on Tannery Road, is a hive of activity tucked into the unassuming countryside landscape in Cumbria, in the far North of England.

Using traditional hand crafted manufacturing techniques including hand cutting, machining and finishing, you can stand in one room and watch one of our beautiful England Family bags be created from start to finish. The process is not unlike making a bespoke suit, with everything starting out with a paper pattern and material cutting.

Aspinal Personalisation

Here at Aspinal, we're proud to offer a bespoke personalisation service on many of our classic products. You can add messages, names, dates or initials to create a truly unique gift that will be cherished for years.

Using either Gold or Silver foil, or Blind Embossing, our talented team are able to hot stamp a loved ones or your initials into our luxurious leather journals, purses, or even bags.

Aspinal Engraving

Our Hand Engraving service allows you to service allows you to perminately make your stainless metal item bespoke and personal. Our skilled team at Head Office can add up initials and names to our most classic items from Hip Flasks to Cufflinks.

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