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How to look after leather goods from Aspinal of London

By it's very nature, leather is a material that needs to be maintained. Our "how to look after leather" guide shows you how to care for leather - it couldn't be simpler! So if you want to protect your Aspinal pieces and keep them looking great for years to come, we suggest that from time to time you feed and clean the leather and give it the care and attention is needs. Whether you want to preserve your previous leather handbag from the elements or ensure your luggage lasts for seasons to come, our Leather Conditioner will restore and protect all leather surfaces. It is suitable for all colours and ideal for leather handbags, belts and accessories. For the best results, gently work the conditioner into the leather using a soft cloth and polish immediately. For grain leather, gently clean with a soft brush. You can experiment with a small amount of colour-matched polish on a hidden spot first.

Leather is an essential fabric and will last you decades! All you have to do is ensure they are clean and fully restored to their original glory with our practical guide.

What action should be taken if my leather product gets wet?

Take immediate action if the leather gets wet. Blot with a soft, absorbent cloth and leave to dry naturally, in a cool dark place. Please be aware that force drying will damage the product as will over stretching.

When the leather is dry apply a neutral leather cream to restore back to original condition.

How do I look after my leather product?

Store leather away from direct sunlight to prevent the colour fading and you may want to feed the leather from time to time with a little clear leather wax.

Leather is a natural material so you may find the surface shows some minor variations in colour or even the occasional small imperfection.

Do not overfill leather bags and cases - they may lose their shape and we do not recommend our briefcases are used to carry heavy laptops, unless otherwise stated.

Leather Care Products can be purchased here.

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