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Christmas Traditions

Everybody has their own Christmas Traditions, be it big or small, ordinary or extraordinary to bring in the Christmas season.

This can range from picking one present to open on Christmas Eve to jumping in the freezing cold sea in order to be allowed to have one of your mum's red wine steak pies... just us?

Tastes and Smells

One of the best things about Christmas is the smells and then eventually the taste of something delicious, cooked by loving care.By decorating a gingerbread house together, the whole family can enjoy the taste and smells of Christmas, which can fill the house with the yuletide season.

Walking around your local high street can fill your nostrils with the smells of Christmas such as roasted chestnuts and Mulled Wine or a modern take, Warm Cider.

Smoked Salmon for Breakfast is a tradition many families enjoy every Christmas morning. A modern twist of this breakfast would be to create a light salmon and dill drop scone with homemade lemon crème fraiche.

This versatile recipe can be frozen and they're great for brunch, a light lunch or a picnic in the summer months!

The infamous Turkey Christmas Lunch is a tradition enjoyed by billions of people on Christmas day. But some choose to mix it up and use a different meat. Such as Chicken, Goose, Duck or out of the poultry family- Lamb, beef or even fish.

Fish is enjoyed by many Danish, Norwegian and Swedish families. This Scandinavian traditional fish Lutefisk, it is made from aged stockfish (air-dried whitefish) or dried/ salted whitefish.

Nibbles. Christmas is the time for nibbles, Mince Pies, Pigs in Blankets, chocolate reindeers, smoked salmon blinis, this list is endless. Its hard not to over indulge, but hey its Christmas! Then rolled onto the Christmas Lunch and then Christmas pudding with brandy butter- yum yum.


Another sense explored by Christmas cheer is sound. Christmas music gets everyone very over excited about the upcoming season, and the endless debate about whether playing Christmas music in October is too early comes up every year. We say just embrace it and enjoy all the Michael Buble, Slade and Cliff Richard numbers for a long as possible.

Also attending mid night mass is the chance to show off your impressive vocal skills, with a chorus of locals at your nearest church.


Christmas Lights, Christmas Trees, reefs, holly and ivy can be seen everywhere from mid/end of November. Its the time to start wrapping up warm and enjoying the high streets Christmas decorations, and a chance to decorate your own home from the inside out.

Everyone dreams of a White Christmas and on rare occasions this happens. This dreamy fairy tail land can however end up creating havoc with your Christmas Shopping!

There's an on going argument between generations that Television has ruined Christmas. Some suggest that Christmas should be spent with family and friends with no other interfering factors such as TV. However with such classic films as: Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street, The Snowman, The Grinch, Muppets Christmas Carol, it can be a chance to watch them together as they give you a chance to return to your childhood, no matter what age you are!

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