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We don't always need to take things seriously. Inject a little fun factor into your outfit now!

As mentioned in our earlier blog about the inspiration behind the Saddle bags, much of our AW14 collection has been influenced by a mix of iconically British equestrian trends as well as our acclaimed wild countryside. This latter idea was further pursued and influenced the creation of our animal inspired bags and accessories.

Our Owl and Mouse rucksacks embody the rustic countryside theme, with these adorable woodland animals adding a fun and whimsical air to the elegant rucksack. Relaxed and practical, these versatile rucksacks contain a number of external pockets and an easy-open letterbox latch to ensure you remain organised throughout the day, and to provide easy access in and out of the bag.

Following on with this concept, Aspinal's Owl Scarves make a great addition to any outfit. The luxurious silk scarf comes in a unique design, juxtaposing the Owl in its natural element with the buzzy London lifestyle.

Aspinal's adorable animal pendant necklaces are a smart way to subtly incorporate the country trend into your AW wardrobe. This selection contains deer, fox and owl pendants to choose between, each individually hand-painted and hand-glazed to add charm to any outfit.

As well as these quirky additions to our AW14 family, other accessories such as the owl hat and owl key ring are also among our seasons collection.

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